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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dill is Near

Just a quick update on our project.

We're currently in the process of performing integration testing in preparation for our next release in early March code-named "Dill". That release will feature the deployment of three new services that contain 13 new service operations implemented as EDAF business actions. Of those one service and two operations are Infrastructure related and provide a service facade for Compassion's internal Consituent Communications Queue (CCQ) system while the other two services and 11 operations are Enttiy Services. Behind those services are two new business processes implemented in BizTalk and three new Ultimus exceptions.

One of the interesting things I was looking at the other day was that since our first release went into production last fall our services have handled over 625,000 requests, 25,000 of which are business transactions submitted from our web site. Of those 77% are following the happy path and updating our enterprise database automatically.

Previously 100% of the requests were handled manually and so the combination of web serivces for entity manipulation, BizTalk for business process automation, and Ultimus for human workflow have combined to form an effective tool for automating a portion of Compasison's business which in turn frees our internal employees to perform more strategic activities, and ultimately helps to release children from poverty. To me anyway, that's an appropriate use of technology.


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