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Monday, September 19, 2005

Real SOA!

I know it's been a long time since I published an update on our SOA implementation here at Compassion International. However, it's been a busy summer (and I've been doing alot of baseball writing as well). I'm pleased to report though that on August 30 we rolled out our first deliverable based on this architecture. This deliverable helps to automate the updating of sponsor information entered on our web site and to kick certain requests to a human workflow process for resolution based on a series of business rules.

The solution consists of our external web site, a web service with a series of web methods implemented using Microsoft's EDAF (about which more to follow) implemented in C#, MSMQ, three BizTalk Server 2004 orchestrations and two workflow processes implemented in the Ultimus BMP Suite 7.1.

Since it went into production we've recorded over 35,000 service calls and the system is humming along quite well. Currently, we're in the process of making a few tweaks in order to provide a 1.1 release before moving on to our next deliverable.

During this time I'll take the opportunity to continue the discussion of our Services Platform.


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